Your Anxiety Can Likely Be Attributed To One Of These Two Things

For most people, the stress and anxiety they experience every day comes down to one element of the human condition: fear of the future. We don’t know how the next few days, weeks, or months will turn out, and it’s only natural to be afraid of what cannot be known.

It doesn’t matter that you are technically worrying about something that hasn’t happened and probably never will. There are certain, nearly-inevitable aspects of our daily routines that give us the impression that we are 100% correct for being worried about the future, which therefore seems much more threatening than it actually is.

1. A Tired Mind Is Not A Healthy One

Some people would argue that “stressed” and “tired” might as well be synonyms. This is because all the unknown parts of your life become a lot less intimidating when you have the energy to conquer them. Enough energy can make you feel invincible, ready to take on the future and all its curveballs. Your thoughts take a dark turn, however, when you are tired. You forget that your exhaustion is temporary and begin to wonder how you’ll be able to give 100% of your effort each day.

Simple tasks seem impossible because your tired mind can barely conceive what must be done to complete them. Rather than a dominant force capable of changing the world, you feel weak and small. All of your hard work becomes pointless. It’s no coincidence that rock star Chris Cornell’s last words before he hanged himself in May 2017 were “I am just tired.”

Exhaustion is likely to blame for the increasing stress of adults as they get older. Energy levels decrease as you age, while the amount of work on your plate only gets bigger. You can only imagine what it’s like trying to resolve a conflict with your spouse when you are dead tired from a long day at work.

2. All Your Triggers On One Screen

The Internet is a surefire recipe for anxiety and stress, so it’s probably best to avoid it, right? Nope, computers and/or the Internet are in front of our faces for a considerable portion of the day, presenting a laundry list of reasons to feel even more uncomfortable about the future. Let’s start with the clock at the top right corner of your computer. Many of us have time limits on our tasks at work. We are already worried about getting something done by a specific time but having this clock makes that time limit look smaller and smaller.

The clock also makes it more difficult to stay in the moment because you are constantly thinking about how much time until lunch, until you have to go home, etc.

As for the Internet itself, look no further than social media to raise your blood pressure. One post reminds how boring your life is compared to someone else’s, while another shows you a news headline that basically implies the world is ending. But don’t you dare scroll down to the next post’s comments section, lest you want the opinion of some stranger to sap every last ounce of your faith in humanity.

Unavoidable Doesn’t Mean Invincible

These two stressors are virtually unavoidable for the majority of working adults, many of whom alleviate their stress with drugs and/or alcohol. But thanks to Natural Wellbeing’s Anxiety and Stress Essentials, you can calm your nerves without endangering your health. This all-natural supplement evokes a positive mood by strengthening the nervous system, allowing you to get the rest you deserve after a stressful day. The physical impact of your concerns will diminish significantly and no longer prevent you from losing yourself in the activities you enjoy, including a good night’s sleep.

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