Paulina Nelega, RH (AGH), Clinical Herbalist

Paulina Nelega, RH (AGH), Clinical Herbalist

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5 Easy Self-Care Rituals To Ease Worry

Everyone is struggling with the pandemic prevention measures in one way or another. While their lifestyle and work situations may be different, collectively almost everyone is feeling some degree of anxiety and isolation. If you are, too, you’re not alone. This kind of stress can have many subtle effects on your mental and emotional health, but there are ways you can address its impact.  

How Social Distancing Can Benefit Your Sleep Routine

If you’ve been struggling with interrupted sleep or unusually vivid dreams of late, you’re not alone. You might even be feeling more anxiety than usual right now, and that’s totally normal. At this unpredictable time, creating and maintaining your own routines is more important than ever. If you find yourself with extra time on your hands due to social distancing, you can use it to prioritize habits that assist with healthy, supportive sleep. 

Can Echinacea Actually Help You Stand Up to Viruses and Colds?

As the weather gets nicer and people head outside for springtime events, the last thing you want is to catch a spring cold. And, if you do start to feel congested or sneezy, you might turn to just about anything to help your body recover—from over-the-counter cold medication to herbal remedies that you’ve heard of in passing.

How to Successfully Navigate Nutrition as a Recent Vegetarian

No matter what your reason is for choosing to move to a vegetarian diet—health concerns, moral choices, religious beliefs or something else—one of the most important aspects of making the switch is ensuring you’re still maintaining proper nutrition.

The Link Between Gut Health and Weight

Recent research has demonstrated that the microbiome in your gut—made up of bacteria and yeasts—has a surprising amount of influence on your health. Your immunity, your digestion and even your mood can be altered by imbalances in gut bacteria.

Everything You Need To Know About Your Sleep Issues

Sleep is a vital part of our lives. It offers us a way to decompress from our days, to process any issues in our lives, to physically rest and restore our bodies, and to overall acquire resilience to help us in our daily routine. However, some people experience issues with sleep - not just one bad night, but ongoing difficulties and unsatisfying rest. 

Are You Damaging Your Hair While Drying It?

After you get out of the shower with your hair soaking wet, what do you do with it? Do you wrap it up in a tight knot on the top of your head? Do you rub your strands vigorously with a towel? Do you immediately blast it with a blow dryer?

We’re In This Together: Community Immune Sure Giveaway!

We want to spread the love that we see being shown by essential workers and healthcare workers - and we need YOUR help to do it! Our big-hearted, supportive community is the perfect source for suggestions for people we can help. We’d like to assist where we can, and you can nominate someone to receive it! 

The Truth Behind Hay Fever, The Misleading Springtime Ailment

When spring rolls around, so do allergies. Most people know that all-too-familiar feeling of allergy season when they wake up with itchy eyes, a runny nose, a scratchy throat and congestion. It’s a miserable welcome to the season of rebirth and can put a big damper on your ability to enjoy the world’s post-winter thaw.