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Kids Are Eating Junk Food Because Sports Stars Tell Them To

One of the most puzzling anomalies of the US advertising industry is the partnership between famous athletes and makers of unhealthy products. Plenty of commercials feature athletes promoting unhealthy food or drinks, giving the impression that poor nutrition can turn you into a sports hero.

Why You Always Get Sick When Spring Starts

The beginning of Spring should logistically be a time to celebrate. Temperatures are rising and the relentless snowfall of the past few months has finally ceased. But then you find yourself coming down with a cold, which doesn’t make sense because warm air is supposed to be healthier than cold air, right? Not at this particular time of year.

Which Is The More Effective Diet: Low Carb Or Low Fat?

Most people who have lost weight thanks to a certain diet give a similar answer when asked about their success: “I found the regimen that works best for me.” This suggests that it’s easy to choose the right diet, when, in reality, this is not the case. Different diets work for different people, so how are you supposed to know which one will help you achieve your goals?

Debunking 3 Widely-Believed Hair Loss Myths

Hair loss effects millions of people, many of whom have no idea why their hair is falling out. The combination of mystery and panic has brought forth myriad myths about the causes of hair loss. It’s hard to blame people for being worried about their hair and wanting to do whatever they can to protect it. Some myths actually seem quite logical at first. But science consistently reminds us not to believe anything without proof, and it turns out that even a few of the most widespread theories about hair loss are completely false. Studies often point out that male and female hair loss can be caused by different things, though certain rules do apply to almost everyone.

Here's How Much Junk Food It Takes To Actually Damage Your Health

Fast food and junk food are bad for you but many people eat it anyway because the effects of one or the occasional bad choice are far from catastrophic. They don’t feel a respiratory or digestive problem coming on immediately after, therefore the food can’t be as deadly as it’s often made it out to be. According to Gallup polls, approximately 30% of Americans eat fast food at least once a week. No matter how much scientific data on the risks of unhealthy choices is released, the fact that people are able to feel okay after eating fast or junk food makes the act seem less and less dangerous.

3 Ways Millennials Have Made America Healthier

Millennials are often labeled as the laziest, most entitled generation in recent memory. Their massive influence on society is widely viewed as entirely negative, largely because many tend to equate the terms “different” and “worse.” But when you consider the increasing amount of food options available today, it’s safe to say that millennials have made it much, much easier to eat healthy.

The Downsides Of Three Of The Most Popular Diets

Anyone who wants to lose weight and enhance their overall health currently has a plethora of popular diets to choose from. While all of the diets offer similar benefits, the items they allow and restrict can be very different. This suggests that the diet that works for one person might not work for another. The decision of which path to embark on should therefore be governed by the alleged downsides or risks of each option. Yes, even the most reputable diets can have serious downsides, especially when your wallet and mental stability are added to the equation.

Staying Trim Is Hard Because You Get Hungrier As You Lose Weight

It is often said that losing a lot of weight is nowhere near as difficult as keeping weight off over time, and now we know why. A recent Norwegian study found that obese people who lose weight feel significantly hungrier than they did before and no diet plan on Earth may be able to make the hunger subside.

A Chemical In McDonald's French Fries Can Apparently Regrow Hair

Japanese scientists say they were able to regrow hair on mice by using a chemical found in McDonald’s french fries.