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Why This Year's Flu Season Is So Much Worse Than Usual

This year’s flu season appears to be among the worst in recent memory. Reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the flu is currently spreading to large swaths of people in 46

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4 Ways You Might Be Tricked Into Buying Unhealthy Food

The more we learn about nutrition and food suppliers, the more it seems like America’s obesity epidemic is the result of a coordinated plan to emphasize unhealthy items. It’s abundantly clear that

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New Book Reveals Secrets Behind Donald Trump’s Hair

Author Michael Wolff’s new book on Donald Trump has evoked mass outrage from the president thanks to the many “secrets” it contains regarding his White House tenure thus far.

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How a Healthy Diet Can Improve Your Eyesight

The notion that eating carrots will make you see in the dark sounds like an old wives’ tale that many of us have heard before - a ploy to get children to eat their vegetables. But carrots do in fact

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3 Essential Ingredients for Optimal Daily Performance

Success is within reach if you can perform to the best of your ability every chance you get. This is why people are constantly seeking the advice of those who must frequently perform at a high level,

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Is The Vegan Diet Causing Young Women To Lose Their Hair?

The rising popularity of veganism coinciding with increased awareness of hair loss might not just be a coincidence.

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Your Anxiety Can Likely Be Attributed To One Of These Two Things

For most people, the stress and anxiety they experience every day comes down to one element of the human condition: fear of the future. We don’t know how the next few days, weeks, or months will turn

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3 Overlooked Reasons Why It's So Hard To Fall Asleep

If you were to ask someone how he or she is doing at any point of the day, the response would almost certainly be “tired.” This person probably didn’t just finish a marathon or a 5-hour drive and has

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Concentration: Why It's Okay To Ask For Help

It’s completely normal to have trouble concentrating during the day. For countless children and adults, this often-misunderstood problem is in no way a notion of unintelligence, laziness or apathy.

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Chinese Herb Discovered To Naturally Prevent Tooth Decay And Cavities

A team of scientists has reportedly discovered an ingredient in an herb that could provide the foundation for a ground-breaking natural anti-cavity treatment.

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