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What are Split Ends and Why are They Such a Big Deal?

Whether you visit a hair stylist regularly or take care of your hair at home, you’ve probably heard about the dangers of split ends. Split ends are nuisances at best and the cause of major hair

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Early Bird vs. Night Owl: Does Your Schedule Affect Your Health and Wellbeing?

Some of us are early birds—we wake up bright and early and like to get a jump-start on our day, but retire to bed much earlier than midnight. Others are night owls—staying up long after the sun has

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Fight Back Against Seasonal Allergies with These 5 Tips for Natural Relief

With spring in full swing, many people are spending lots of time outdoors to enjoy the weather. For another group of people, though, hanging out outside is less than ideal due to the endless stream

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What Should You Avoid When Shopping For Cosmetic Products?

The last 10 years has seen the market value of natural cosmetic products rise by 114% due to a growing acceptance of non-synthetic alternatives. Although the natural products might be a little bit

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How Much Water Should You be Drinking Daily and Why?

Your body is made of about 60 percent water. That good old H2O allows your body to perform all of its necessary functions, keeps your organs healthy, your skin clear and prevents waste from building

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Taming Your Frizzy Hair: How to Style Your 'Do Without Damaging it

When humidity levels begin to rise, you may dread stepping out of your house because your perfectly-styled ‘do might turn into a ball of frizz and flyaways. Although it’s really common for people

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What's the Difference Between Men's and Women's Daily Supplements?

Anyone who’s been to the drug store or supermarket recently knows what they can find in the medicine isle: rows upon rows of multivitamin and individual supplement bottles. The multitude of these

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Relaxation and Meditation Could Help You Shed the Stress of Daily Life

Whether it’s caused by work, relationships or other situations, stress has gotten the best of all of us at one time or another. Everyday life is filled with stressors. But, while some stress is

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Stress-Related Hair Loss Conditions and Their Signs

We all endure some stress every once in a while, whether from work, a relationship, finances or other sources. Severe and long-term stress can wreak havoc on our bodies and seriously affect our

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Here’s Why Protein May Be The Underappreciated Nutrient In Your Diet

Recently, we have seen the percentage of protein in Canadian diets increase by 10% for children and teenagers, and half a percent for adults. However, is the uptick in protein consumption something

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