When the Leaves Change, So Should Your Hair Care Routine

Summer is officially over. Gone are the days of lounging in shorts and bathing suits, reading a book by the pool and taking sunny vacations. Colder weather, cozy sweaters and the holidays are upon us. A lot of changes need to happen during fall. You’ll probably switch out your wardrobe, send kids back to school and turn on your furnace. But have you considered that your beauty routine requires some changes, too?

Could Your Diet be Making You Cranky?

The old adage, “you are what you eat,” may be truer than we think. In reality, the foods we consume dictate virtually every aspect of our beings, from our physical health to our cognitive capabilities. Understanding the ways that our diets affect everything from our energy levels to our moods can help us make more informed decisions about what we choose to eat.

Natural Remedies to Get You Through Flu Season

Across the nation, temperatures are beginning to drop, signaling the beginning of flu season. Back-to-school events, holiday travels and fall festivals all facilitate the spread of viral infections.

Natural Ways to Combat Lice Without Harming Your Hair

Head lice are the fear of many people with long hair, and particularly people with children. These parasitic insects can overtake your head, itching and spreading infestations to others quickly. Not only that, but lice can be very difficult to get rid of.

Keeping Your Energy Up as the Days Get Shorter

As fall progresses into winter, the days will continue to get shorter and shorter. For many people, work, athleticism and everyday activities become more difficult to accomplish because of the lack of light outside. However, work and life don’t stop simply because the sun isn’t out to greet us in the morning or when we return home from work.

Itchy Eyes and Runny Noses: Natural Ways to Combat Fall Allergies

Fall is officially here, and while the season brings the changing of the leaves and fun activities like pumpkin picking and football, it also might mean red eyes, sneezing and running noses. Spring isn’t the only season that causes allergies, and enjoying all those fun activities in the fall can be difficult without the right kind of allergy management.

What are 'Superfoods' and Why Should They be Part of Your Diet?

Popular food blogs and health websites have recently been buzzing with news of “superfoods” and how great they are for your health. While the term may sound like something otherworldly, superfoods are little more than everyday foods you might already incorporate into your daily diet. However, their commonality should not detract from their immense nutritional value.

Protecting Your Hair While You Sleep Could Improve its Health

Most people make an attempt to protect their hair during the day. Washes, conditioners, hair masks and oils keep our locks shiny and smooth while we’re out and about. Unfortunately, this upkeep often falls short at night.

Stress Could be Connected to More Cases of Shingles in Young Adults

It’s a common saying that once you get chickenpox, you’ll never have the illness again. This statement is only partially true, though. While you may never experience that whole-body, itching, burning illness, you may be susceptible to another type of illness later in life: shingles.