Your Self-Care Toolkit to Menopausal Wellness

When you were young, your parents or teachers probably gave you “the talk” about changes your body would experience. But as women continue to age, a sudden onslaught of symptoms warrants a second talk…about menopause. Your periods stop, but they’re quickly replaced with some unpleasant signs—hot flashes, mood swings and low libido, to name a few.

These Herbs Support Both Your Blood Pressure and Mental Health!

Everyone is different, which means we all have unique wellness goals. You might want to improve your health in several ways, but it’s hard to find a treatment that can serve them all at once. Thankfully, there are lots of herbs that offer health benefits for multiple parts of the body.

8 Tips to Keeping Fit with a Thyroid Condition

The media is filled with messages that say working out is for people who are already fit. But exercise is for everyone, regardless of how you look or your medical history! This might feel hard to believe when you’re living with a thyroid condition. However, with the right support system, you can muscle past the fatigue and make your fitness goals a reality.

Overcoming Seasonal Allergy Brain Fog

When the temperatures start to rise, allergy sufferers know what comes next. All those pretty flowers in bloom are a bad omen for people with seasonal allergies. Spring marks the beginning of sneezes, itchy eyes and stuffy noses. But the season also welcomes another odd symptom: brain fog.

This fuzzy-headed feeling is a mystery to allergy sufferers. Whatever it is, they can’t seem to shake it. Thankfully, to researchers, brain fog isn’t a mystery anymore! Learn the science behind brain fog and what you can do to achieve a clear mind.

This is Why a Powerful Immune System Is So Important During Spring

Spring is the season when everything starts to bloom. But it’s also the season when ailments start to crop up—namely allergies, cold sores and respiratory infections. The most beautiful time of year can also be the most aggravating for those with weakened immune systems.

Why Do B Vitamin Deficiencies Happen?

B vitamin deficiencies slowly settle in over time. People who are deficient might grow so accustomed to the symptoms, they hardly notice a problem is going on at all! Fatigue, brain fog and weakness is commonplace.

It’s important to listen to your body—it’s trying to tell you something’s wrong, and that very well could be a lack of B vitamins. Take a look at what causes vitamin B deficiencies and what you can do about it.

How Medicinal Mushrooms Are Different from Grocery Store Mushrooms

Many people make the mistake of grouping mushrooms under one big category. But the truth is, not all mushrooms are created equal. Some are found in the produce aisle while others are only available in supplement form. Mushrooms that sit next to the onions and celery are healthy but don’t pack quite the same nutritional punch as their medicinal counterparts.

Do Your Bladder a Favor: Go Easy on the Caffeine!

It’s no secret that coffee makes you pee. Most people don’t see the harm in taking a few extra trips to the bathroom. However, too much caffeine can have consequences beyond making you go more often.

The negative health effects of caffeine on your bladder are difficult to reverse, often lasting a lifetime. Here’s what caffeine can do to your bladder and how to prevent it.

Where is Your Collagen Supplement Coming From?

When people buy collagen supplements, most don’t bother to inspect the label. The supplement says it contains collagen, and that’s good enough for them. What many people don’t realize, though, is that there’s no universal source of collagen.

The protein is found in every mammal as well as in numerous fish species. Collagen’s health benefits are pretty consistent across all sources, but they’re different in other ways that might influence your decision.

Consider these differences before picking out a collagen supplement.