Allergies and Good Rest Don't Mix: 5 Tips for Sniffle-Free Sleep

For those who struggle with allergies, all bedtime routines look the same—brush your teeth, shut off the lights, then spend hours trying to breathe through a stuffy nose. Allergies are a constant battle, leaving you with little to no rest. Medication might work, but perhaps you want to try a more natural approach first.

Could Allergies Be Causing You Ongoing Respiratory Discomfort?

Allergies affect millions of people worldwide. Seasonal allergies and hay fever are common, especially in months with large amounts of pollen, like spring in the northern hemisphere. But did you know that allergies can be perennial and cause respiratory problems year-round - and that even adults can experience new allergies for the first time, as they get older?

Natural Remedies to Your Spring Allergies

Spring is in full swing, and unfortunately for millions of people around the world, so are seasonal allergies. It’s hard to enjoy blooming plants, fresh grass and warmer weather when you’re sniffling and sneezing, your eyes are puffy, and you feel too stuffy to breathe!

Is Your Cough from a Cold, or Is It Something More Serious?

It’s still cold and flu season, and many of us are finding ourselves feeling under the weather with the sniffles, headaches and a persistent cough that just won’t seem to go away. While you may think your cough is just another symptom of the common cold and nothing more, after it sticks around for a few days, you might be wondering if it’s actually caused by something more serious.

Itchy Eyes and Runny Noses: Natural Ways to Combat Fall Allergies

Fall is officially here, and while the season brings the changing of the leaves and fun activities like pumpkin picking and football, it also might mean red eyes, sneezing and running noses. Spring isn’t the only season that causes allergies, and enjoying all those fun activities in the fall can be difficult without the right kind of allergy management.

Food Allergy Awareness is Growing and so are Diagnosed Cases

More and more people are being diagnosed with food allergies than ever before. Diagnosed cases have increased in both children and adults, with more adult-onset allergies revealing heightened sensitivity in the overall population to certain foods. This means that being lactose intolerant or gluten-sensitive aren’t just passing fads—they’re serious conditions that more and more people are learning how to cope with each and every day.

Got a Summer Cold Coming On? Protect Your Immune System!

A summer cold is arguably one of the most frustrating things to deal with. Instead of enjoying your time outside in the warm weather or near the pool, you’ll be sniffling, sneezing and coughing while curled up inside.

Stop Itching and Scratching Your Scalp So Much!

Having an itchy scalp can be infuriating. The constant urge to scratch could last all day, getting worse as more and more oils accumulate at the base of your hair. Giving in and giving your hair a good scratch with your fingernails, a brush or a comb might have you sighing in relief, but not for long.

5 Natural Tips to Fight Back Against Seasonal Allergies

With spring in full swing, many people are spending lots of time outdoors to enjoy the weather. For another group of people, though, hanging out outside is less than ideal due to the endless stream of sneezes, stuffy noses, watery eyes and other seasonal allergy symptoms.