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Coping with Candida: What You Can do to Lessen Chronic Symptoms

Many people suffer from a strange, seemingly-unrelated group of symptoms that negatively affect their health, including fatigue, sinus infections and digestive issues. While each symptom may be related to a condition particular to one part of the body, many people miss how these symptoms are related: they are all caused by candida overgrowth.

Yeast Buster Cleanse: I Ain't Afraid of No Candidiasis

You see, after my ginger-bread mansion madness pushed me right off my alkaline, sugar-free diet, I've had one helluva sugary-holiday season. So much so, in fact, that I have developed an overgrowth of yeast - and I'm paying the price of bread for it! I feel like an inflated loaf. Or at least I did, before I undertook my first New Years resolution: Get Clean!