The 6 Best Games for Improving Your Memory

Everyone forgets things from time to time, although that’s hard to keep in mind when you’re standing in the grocery aisle, frustrated over forgetting that one essential ingredient! If you’re stressed, busy, or otherwise preoccupied, you may be more likely to have a memory lapse. However, if you’d like to improve your memory and focus, there is a way to practice: brain training games and apps!

Can You Inherit the Risk of Memory Loss?

As people age, one of their most common fears is losing their memory and experiencing cognitive dysfunction. These fears might be heightened even more if you’ve watched a parent endure the same thing. If your parent appears to have a bad memory—ranging from daily forgetfulness to severe dementia—you might be wondering if their bad memory has been passed down to you.

7 Tips to Help your Child Focus During Virtual Learning

Many schools have transitioned to an online learning model for the school year. While this model is intended to keep children safe, it’s posing new challenges for focusing and learning as students adjust to attending lessons from home.

Everything You Need to Know About Your Kids' Attention Span Challenges

In general, kids are known for their distracted, high-energy behaviors. Parents everywhere will undoubtedly have days when they throw up their hands, feeling tired of repeating their requests or chasing their kids around the house. But what if this hyperactive behavior and inability to concentrate wasn't their fault at all? Many children struggle with their attention span in our modern age, and with all the fast-paced, distractions all around us, who can blame them? It's up to us as parents to recognize when our kids are struggling, and to help them learn the skills to cope and succeed in spite of their challenges.

How Nature Can Benefit Your Child’s Attention Span


Getting out in nature together with your child can not only provide an opportunity for bonding, but also help you de-stress, enjoy physical activity, and get some big breaths of fresh air. Plus, it’s vitally important for you and your child to take a break from screens and inside activities to spend time (safely) interacting with the natural world - the benefits might surprise you! 

The Link Between Poor Sleep and Memory Loss

If you’ve ever had a night or two of poor sleep, you know how it goes: You slog through the next day feeling a little out of it and unable to concentrate or remember things. Sleep deprivation is known to impact the brain in multiple ways, from raising stress levels and causing mood swings to making it harder to focus and process new information. Beyond these effects, however, researchers have discovered that sleep deprivation might be causing problems with memory.

7 of the Best Herbs and Supplements for Cognitive Support

In recent years, interest in natural supplements for maintaining health and balance has become more popular than ever. Many people are looking to improve their wellbeing through herbal support and taking part in proactive, preventative lifestyle improvements. One area that has garnered a lot of interest is targeted supplementation for cognitive support and brain health. We’ve prepared a list of our go-to choices for effective supplement options! 

What Was That? 10 Tips for Improving Your Memory

The human brain is constantly changing. The cells and neurological pathways that help us think, feel and remember are constantly adapting, rebuilding and reshaping themselves to help boost our ability to focus and recall important information.