Try This Advice from a Student to Focus Better in the Workplace

Students are well aware they need to focus in order to get good grades. Working adults don’t share that incentive, which can lead to lower productivity in the office. With school years far in the past, many adults lose touch with the drive to get work done and set goals for themselves.

What Does Your Family's Back-to-School Prep List Look Like?

Pencils, binders, notebooks—these school supplies are essential to help your kid succeed in the classroom. But markers and colored pencils aren’t the only things that belong on your back-to-school prep list. Parents should start thinking about what kids need from a wellness standpoint. Sleep schedules and healthy foods deserve a spot on that list, too.

8 Reasons to Consider Cutting Coffee from Your Routine

Coffee is what keeps most people going throughout the day. Some have become so dependent on coffee, they’re convinced they can’t function without it. Not only is it possible to live without coffee, but a caffeine-free diet offers many health benefits that can bolster your overall physical and mental wellbeing. You’ll feel so good, you won’t even miss coffee!

Keep Your Mind & Memory Sharp with Nootropic Herbs & Mushrooms

Many people feel like their minds could use a boost. They experience brain fog at work, and it’s becoming harder to recall information from a week ago. While coffee can kickstart your day, it often leads to an afternoon crash that can leave you feeling groggier than when you woke up that morning.

Try These 4 Mindfulness Exercises For Children

Do your children seem lost in the clouds? Kids have a lot to think about these days, especially with the increasing pressure to get straight As and fill their schedules with extracurricular activities. All these expectations can pile on the stress, which makes it difficult to control their emotions and stay grounded in their immediate surroundings.

8 Health Benefits of Chocolate

Chocolate is usually treated like a guilty pleasure. It’s easy to go overboard on this sweet treat, which has led some people to swear it off altogether. But despite the fat and sugar content, chocolate deserves a spot in everyone’s diet. Cocoa beans, the main ingredient, are packed with phytonutrients that offer many health benefits.

What's In Your Smoothie for National Smoothie Day?

Smoothies are refreshing summer treats that can suit anyone’s unique tastes. You can choose your very own blend of fruits, vegetables, proteins and sweeteners to make a delicious concoction! It’s easy to dump a bunch of ingredients into your blender and hit the power button. However, mastering the perfect healthy recipe takes practice.

Achieve Your Goals More Effectively with a Supportive Network

Many hurdles stand between you and the goal. Your biggest challenge could be a lack of direction, negative self-talk or something else entirely. Since it’s your goal, you may feel as if these challenges are yours to tackle alone. But no one’s designed to move through life on their own. Your friends want to help you succeed!

Why Do B Vitamin Deficiencies Happen?

B vitamin deficiencies slowly settle in over time. People who are deficient might grow so accustomed to the symptoms, they hardly notice a problem is going on at all! Fatigue, brain fog and weakness is commonplace.

It’s important to listen to your body—it’s trying to tell you something’s wrong, and that very well could be a lack of B vitamins. Take a look at what causes vitamin B deficiencies and what you can do about it.