What's In Your Smoothie for National Smoothie Day?

Smoothies are refreshing summer treats that can suit anyone’s unique tastes. You can choose your very own blend of fruits, vegetables, proteins and sweeteners to make a delicious concoction! It’s easy to dump a bunch of ingredients into your blender and hit the power button. However, mastering the perfect healthy recipe takes practice.

Achieve Your Goals More Effectively with a Supportive Network

Many hurdles stand between you and the goal. Your biggest challenge could be a lack of direction, negative self-talk or something else entirely. Since it’s your goal, you may feel as if these challenges are yours to tackle alone. But no one’s designed to move through life on their own. Your friends want to help you succeed!

Why Do B Vitamin Deficiencies Happen?

B vitamin deficiencies slowly settle in over time. People who are deficient might grow so accustomed to the symptoms, they hardly notice a problem is going on at all! Fatigue, brain fog and weakness is commonplace.

It’s important to listen to your body—it’s trying to tell you something’s wrong, and that very well could be a lack of B vitamins. Take a look at what causes vitamin B deficiencies and what you can do about it.

How Medicinal Mushrooms Are Different from Grocery Store Mushrooms

Many people make the mistake of grouping mushrooms under one big category. But the truth is, not all mushrooms are created equal. Some are found in the produce aisle while others are only available in supplement form. Mushrooms that sit next to the onions and celery are healthy but don’t pack quite the same nutritional punch as their medicinal counterparts.

Does the Exercise Industry Set Us Up for Failure?

It’s no secret that many have failed on their fitness journeys. They set out to become a marathon runner or body builder or simply to drop a few pounds. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority lapses back into a sedentary lifestyle quickly.

Quitting may feel like your fault, but it’s actually not. The exercise industry has been working against you since day one. Don’t lose hope—your fitness goal is attainable as long as you tackle it with the right approach.

Celebrate Hot Chocolate Day the Healthy Way!

Everyone’s favorite unofficial holiday is right around the corner: Hot Chocolate Day! January 31st is the one day out of the whole year when you get to indulge in a mug of hot cocoa and not feel guilty about it.

For those with dietary restrictions, one tasty treat might be enough to set you back on your health goals. Luckily for you, it’s very easy to whip up some hot chocolate that’s both low-fat and sugar-free.

Enjoy these tips to make this winter beverage so healthy, that everyday can be Hot Chocolate Day!

Why Mind & Body Harmony is More Than Just a Tagline

“Mind and body harmony” is often a mantra that’s written across home décor and posters in yoga studios, but few have stopped to wonder what the phrase means and whether it’s actually attainable.

Simply put, one reaches mind and body harmony when they prioritize both their physical and mental health. Mind and body harmony is very much attainable—even more so than you may think! Take a look at why mind and body harmony is so important and how you can achieve it.

10 Easy Wellness Rituals to Realize Your New Year’s Resolution

Everyone starts the new year strong with some type of resolution. But by the time February rolls around, that resolution might have fallen by the wayside. The main reason people don’t stick to their new year’s resolutions is because the goals they set are too unattainable.

Healthy Aging From Inside-Out and Top-to-Toe

At some point, we all become acquainted with the signs of aging. Wrinkles, sagging skin, stiff joints, high blood pressure, shorter memory…the list goes on. Aging is often viewed as a detriment to our health. It’s not a disease, rather a natural part of life that everyone should embrace. Habits make or break our health—not age.