10 Easy Wellness Rituals to Realize Your New Year’s Resolution

Everyone starts the new year strong with some type of resolution. But by the time February rolls around, that resolution might have fallen by the wayside. The main reason people don’t stick to their new year’s resolutions is because the goals they set are too unattainable.

Healthy Aging From Inside-Out and Top-to-Toe

At some point, we all become acquainted with the signs of aging. Wrinkles, sagging skin, stiff joints, high blood pressure, shorter memory…the list goes on. Aging is often viewed as a detriment to our health. It’s not a disease, rather a natural part of life that everyone should embrace. Habits make or break our health—not age.

Honey, I’m Too Tired: How Energy Levels Affect Sex

If you’re like most couples, your relationship started off hot and heavy. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, you or your partner’s libido might have begun to decline. It’s easy to point fingers at one another and assign blame. But before it gets to that point, consider the myriad of physical and mental factors that contribute to a low sex drive. For many, they’re simply too tired.

Show Off Smooth & Healthy Lips During Cold (Sore) Season

Most people are well acquainted with the dreaded cold sore and know the pain of that initial itch all too well. By the next morning, you’ve woken up with an unsightly blister on your lip—just in time to lead that important presentation at work!

Cold sores have ruled your life for too long. We’ve got the best tips for treating, preventing and concealing cold sores so you’ll never have to cancel plans over a blemish or sore again.

Why “I Need a Massage” is a Truer Statement Than You Realize

Long hours at work and stressful daily tasks take their toll. Eventually, we all reach a point where we throw up our hands and exclaim, “I need a massage!”

7 All-Natural Coffee Alternatives (and Why You Should Try Them)

Coffee makers have become a kitchen staple. However, despite its widespread popularity, coffee is far from the best way to wake up every morning.

Back to School - Calming Support for Challenging Times

Since the school year started, many parents have experienced a scenario that’s all too common. The phone rings, and the caller ID says it’s from your child’s school. Their teacher is on the other end of the line explaining that your child has low grades and poor performance in class. This is all news to you—your kids seem fine when they’re at home!

7 Physical and Mental Benefits of Daily Yoga

Inexperienced wannabe yogis often shy away from the practice because they have no clue where to start. It doesn’t help that many people’s perception of yoga involves complicated poses that take years to perfect. Sure, well-practiced individuals can pull off neat tricks like balancing on their head, but yoga is designed for people of all ages and ability levels. Anyone can do a simple yoga flow!

What it Means to Be Centered and How to Achieve it

It’s easy to get swept up in a storm of emotions. Life is bound to throw you some curve balls, and highly stressful circumstances can leave us drowning in our own negative thoughts. When you feel out of control, it’s time to stop and center yourself before moving forward.