Coping With the Emotional Toll of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common health condition that afflicts millions of women. The condition isn’t life threatening, but it isn’t harmless, either. Hair loss can have long-lasting effects on a person’s mental health. Women who experience hair loss often report the condition has negatively impacted their confidence, self-esteem and quality of life.

How to Rescue & Revive Sun-Damaged Hair!

Summer is finally here, and there’s no better way to celebrate than soaking up some rays. Unfortunately, all that time spent in the sun comes at a price. After months of outdoor adventures, your hair may start to look a bit dull. Hot temps and UV rays can damage hair, leaving you with dry, brittle strands.

There’s still hope for your hair, though! Sun damage is reversible through a healthy diet, proper hair care and tons of moisturizing. Read below for more tips on how to transform sun-damaged hair into shiny, beautiful locks.

Healthy & Happening Summer Hair 101

The sunny days that lie ahead come at a price. When summer hits, your hair is put through the wringer! Chlorine, sunlight and constantly pulling it back can weaken your strands. Help your hair thrive this summer by learning safe ways to style it and minimize the season’s impact.

Keep reading for your complete guide on summer styles and hair care tips.

Where is Your Collagen Supplement Coming From?

When people buy collagen supplements, most don’t bother to inspect the label. The supplement says it contains collagen, and that’s good enough for them. What many people don’t realize, though, is that there’s no universal source of collagen.

The protein is found in every mammal as well as in numerous fish species. Collagen’s health benefits are pretty consistent across all sources, but they’re different in other ways that might influence your decision.

Consider these differences before picking out a collagen supplement.

Happier Life, Healthier Hair!

Some hair loss is normal, but people are often left wondering, “How much is too much?” During times of stress, you may notice a little extra hair in the shower drain. That’s because hair and happiness are closely tied to each other.

Stress can lead to excessive hair loss and an oily, flaky scalp. On the flip side, positive mental health will promote strong, luscious hair. Here’s how a sunny disposition can help your hair shine.

Anxiety and Hair Loss: 3 Ways Stress Can Affect Your Locks!

We all know too much stress isn’t good for you. Stress can have many effects on the body, some of which you may find surprising. One such consequence of chronic stress is hair loss.

Some people experience stress-induced hair loss to a greater degree than others, and the key to reversing hair loss is still unclear. The good news is you can help minimize hair loss by practicing relaxation techniques and recognizing when to cut sources of stress from your life.

Check out the most common types of hair loss that can result from chronic stress.

7 Natural Secrets for Healthier Hair

If you’ve ever scrolled through a celebrity’s Instagram photos and wondered, “How does she keep her hair so long and shiny?” you’re not alone. The world’s biggest icons no doubt take great care of their luscious locks. It doesn’t hurt to have a personal hair stylist, either—something most people can only dream of.

Top 5 Nutrients for Healthier Hair, Skin and Nails

Everyone wants healthier hair, skin and nails. Not only are these features key in beauty and appearance, but you simply feel better when your hair is silky smooth, your skin is hydrated and supple, and your nails are hard and smooth. Unfortunately, that means overcoming many environmental detractors. Hard water, poor air quality and lackluster diet are all contributors to poor hair, skin and nail health.

5 Cozy Winter Rituals to Pamper Your Hair & Skin

Once the dust has settled from the busy holiday season, we can enjoy a change of pace and unwind as we start a new year. This is a perfect time to offer ourselves some self-care to recover from short-days-doldrums, seasonal stresses, and harsh winter weather. Since these factors can wreak havoc on the condition of our skin and hair, it’s a good opportunity to pay those areas some attention!