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When the Leaves Change, So Should Your Hair Care Routine

Summer is officially over. Gone are the days of lounging in shorts and bathing suits, reading a book by the pool and taking sunny vacations. Colder weather, cozy sweaters and the holidays are upon

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Natural Ways to Combat Lice Without Harming Your Hair

Head lice are the fear of many people with long hair, and particularly people with children. These parasitic insects can overtake your head, itching and spreading infestations to others quickly. Not

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Protecting Your Hair While You Sleep Could Improve its Health

Most people make an attempt to protect their hair during the day. Washes, conditioners, hair masks and oils keep our locks shiny and smooth while we’re out and about. Unfortunately, this upkeep often

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Recognizing and Coping with Female Pattern Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem facing millions of women throughout their lives. In fact, only half of all women will have a full head of hair after the age of 65. While there are many forms and causes

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Why Is Coconut Oil So Beneficial for Hair Health?

If you were to enter a hair salon or beauty supply store and take a look at the haircare products being sold, you would see a wide variety of ingredients and proposed benefits on the many bottles.

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Avoid Irritating Hair Tangles with Better Brushing and Healthier Habits

Long hair can be extremely difficult to manage—it takes more time to wash, dry and style than a shorter cut. However, this extra effort is usually worth it once you achieve those beautiful, flowing

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Chlorine and Other Chemicals: Handling Hair Care After the Pool

Summertime is full of fun activities, like hiking, gardening and lounging at the beach, but one of the most popular things to do when the weather is warm is to swim. It can be great to take a dive in

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Scalp Types and Hair Care Regimens: Finding the Right Combo

If you’re rigorous in your skin care, you probably know what type of skin you have. There are several distinct types, including oily, dry and combination—each of which has its own traits that need to

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Stop Itching and Scratching Your Scalp So Much!

Having an itchy scalp can be infuriating. The constant urge to scratch could last all day, getting worse as more and more oils accumulate at the base of your hair. Giving in and giving your hair a

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Your Diet Could be Affecting the Health of Your Scalp

When it comes to our hair, most of us are more concerned about what we put on top of it—what shampoos, conditioners and styling products we use—to make it look and feel healthier. However, many

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