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It Might be Time to Re-Think Your Daily Ponytail

For any girl or guy with long hair, ponytails are a staple in the realm of haircare. Throwing your hair up and securing it with an elastic helps mask grease, keeps hair off your face and neck and is

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Get to Know the 4 Types of Hair and How to Care for Them

Each of us has hair that is unique—from stick-straight to extremely tight curls, the mixture of patterns and textures growing out of our heads is different for every person. But, no matter how unique

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What are Split Ends and Why are They Such a Big Deal?

Whether you visit a hair stylist regularly or take care of your hair at home, you’ve probably heard about the dangers of split ends. Split ends are nuisances at best and the cause of major hair

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Taming Your Frizzy Hair: How to Style Your 'Do Without Damaging it

When humidity levels begin to rise, you may dread stepping out of your house because your perfectly-styled ‘do might turn into a ball of frizz and flyaways. Although it’s really common for people

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8 Daily Rituals That Could Be Prematurely Thinning Your Hair

Most people assume hair loss is a condition that only affects older men. While this is somewhat valid—hair growth does tend to slow down with age and affect men more visibly—women can still lose hair

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