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Debunking 3 Widely-Believed Hair Loss Myths

Hair loss effects millions of people, many of whom have no idea why their hair is falling out. The combination of mystery and panic has brought forth myriad myths about the causes of hair loss. It’s

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A Chemical In McDonald's French Fries Can Apparently Regrow Hair

Japanese scientists say they were able to regrow hair on mice by using a chemical found in McDonald’s french fries.

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Is The Vegan Diet Causing Young Women To Lose Their Hair?

The rising popularity of veganism coinciding with increased awareness of hair loss might not just be a coincidence.

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Is Hair Loss More Likely To Occur At A Certain Time Of The Year?

While there are many uncertainties regarding hair loss, researchers have determined that the condition may in fact have a peak season.

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No hair loss: a dream come true

Some people dream of going to a tropical beach, others dream of owning a sailboat. Nobody dreams about hair loss. Liz has just wanted to have long hair all her life. That was her dream. With hair

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