Relax! Stress Could Damage Your Hair

We’ve all heard or used the phrase, “I wanted to pull my hair out,” referring to being in a stressful situation. While this phrase is somewhat overdramatic and just a figure of speech in most cases, there is something to be said about the link between stress and hair loss.

Understanding Postpartum Hair Loss

Many women know that pregnancy causes a lot of changes. Aside from the obvious, the hormones, diet changes and increased vitamin intake can cause positive changes in our shape, mood, skin and hair. But while great, luscious hair is common during pregnancy, the opposite effect is quite common after giving birth.

How Hormones Are Linked to Changes in Your Hair

Hormones play a critical role in the body. Humans have around 50 different types of hormones produced by the endocrine system, and each help control specific aspects of bodily function, including sexual reproduction, metabolism and more.

Recognizing and Coping with Female Pattern Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem facing millions of women throughout their lives. In fact, only half of all women will have a full head of hair after the age of 65. While there are many forms and causes of hair loss, not all are preventable. One such condition is called female pattern hair loss, or female androgenic alopecia.

Stress-Related Hair Loss Conditions and Their Signs

We all endure some stress every once in a while, whether from work, a relationship, finances or other sources. Severe and long-term stress can wreak havoc on our bodies and seriously affect our health, but did you know stress can also cause hair loss? There are actually a few stress-related conditions that can thin-out your ‘do.

Biotin: The All-Natural Secret Ingredient for Combating Hair Loss

Sometimes referred to by the nickname “Vitamin H” thanks to its benefits for skin and hair, the naturally-occurring vitamin B7, or biotin, has taken the beauty world by storm. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that is necessary for the body to metabolize fatty acids, amino acids and glucose. Essentially, it’s needed for your body to have the energy to work, live and play. But that’s not all it does!

8 Daily Rituals That Could Be Prematurely Thinning Your Hair

Most people assume hair loss is a condition that only affects older men. While this is somewhat valid—hair growth does tend to slow down with age and affect men more visibly—women can still lose hair starting as early as ages 20-35. Thinning hair is actually a relatively common occurrence in many younger women!

Debunking 3 Widely-Believed Hair Loss Myths

Hair loss effects millions of people, many of whom have no idea why their hair is falling out. The combination of mystery and panic has brought forth myriad myths about the causes of hair loss. It’s hard to blame people for being worried about their hair and wanting to do whatever they can to protect it. Some myths actually seem quite logical at first. But science consistently reminds us not to believe anything without proof, and it turns out that even a few of the most widespread theories about hair loss are completely false. Studies often point out that male and female hair loss can be caused by different things, though certain rules do apply to almost everyone.

A Chemical In McDonald's French Fries Can Apparently Regrow Hair

Japanese scientists say they were able to regrow hair on mice by using a chemical found in McDonald’s french fries.