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5 Natural Ways to Fight Afternoon Fatigue and Lethargy

We’ve all been there—we start our day, head into work, tackle our to-do lists, grab some lunch, then settle back in to continue plugging away—when we suddenly feel a crash. Our eyes won’t stay open

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Biotin: The All-Natural Secret Ingredient for Combating Hair Loss

Sometimes referred to by the nickname “Vitamin H” thanks to its benefits for skin and hair, the naturally-occurring vitamin B7, or biotin, has taken the beauty world by storm. Biotin is a

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Taking a Natural Approach to Protecting Your Body Against the Effects of Osteoporosis

When you were a little kid, your parents probably gave you a tall glass of milk and instructed you to drink up so you could grow strong, healthy bones. As it turns out, this was great advice—dairy is

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3 Essential Ingredients for Optimal Daily Performance

Success is within reach if you can perform to the best of your ability every chance you get. This is why people are constantly seeking the advice of those who must frequently perform at a high level,

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Could Taking Multivitamins During Pregnancy Actually Prevent Autism?

An international team of researchers may have proven that consumption of certain nutrients during pregnancy lowers the risk of autism spectrum disorder, or ASD.

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