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Yeast Buster Cleanse: I Ain't Afraid of No Candidiasis

You see, after my ginger-bread mansion madness pushed me right off my alkaline, sugar-free diet, I've had one helluva sugary-holiday season. So much so, in fact, that I have developed an overgrowth of yeast - and I'm paying the price of bread for it! I feel like an inflated loaf. Or at least I did, before I undertook my first New Years resolution: Get Clean!

Mulled Wine: The Festive Way to Enjoy Antioxidants

I love the holiday season. It can't be coincidence that we celebrate nature through food and drink - many of our holiday favorites are loaded with potent, life-enhancing ingredients! One of my favorite holiday recipes to share, for exactly that reason, is Mulled Wine. With red wine, spices, honey and citrus, this is one punch that's packing some serious anti-agers.