Stress Could be Connected to More Cases of Shingles in Young Adults

It’s a common saying that once you get chickenpox, you’ll never have the illness again. This statement is only partially true, though. While you may never experience that whole-body, itching, burning illness, you may be susceptible to another type of illness later in life: shingles.

Back to School Means Getting Familiar with Ringworm and How to Resolve It

It’s back-to-school season, which means millions of children are heading into classrooms to learn, make new friends and grow as individuals. Unfortunately, back to school also means that your child will potentially be exposed to many more infections and diseases due to their fast-spreading nature in school environments.

5 Natural Tips to Fight Back Against Seasonal Allergies

With spring in full swing, many people are spending lots of time outdoors to enjoy the weather. For another group of people, though, hanging out outside is less than ideal due to the endless stream of sneezes, stuffy noses, watery eyes and other seasonal allergy symptoms.

60 Healing Uses For Tea Tree Oil

From the Malaleuca Tree, native to Australia, comes the versatile Tea Tree Oil. Already well-known as an effective, all-purpose healing oil, this natural remedy is a staple in most people's at-home pharmacies. But do you know just how many uses this powerful oil has?