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7 Ways to Adjust Your Bedroom to Relieve Insomnia

When you climb into bed, you want your head to hit the pillow and to fall into a deep, restorative slumber—not to toss and turn for hours or wake up in the middle of the night. Sleeping problems afflict thousands of people and can be frustrating to deal with, since a good’s night sleep is so important to our physical and mental health.

The Dark Side of Travel: How to Deal with Jet Lag

Vacations and travel are times filled with excitement and new experiences. Unfortunately, if you are traveling far from your home city, you will probably cross over a time zone (or a few!). Adjusting to the difference in time can be difficult for our bodies and can really put a damper on the trip if you’re walking around feeling like a zombie for the first few days thanks to jet lag.

Problems Falling Asleep? Melatonin Can be a Natural Remedy

Sleep is a necessary function of the human body. Getting a good night’s rest can help improve focus and memory, reduce symptoms of certain mental health problems like anxiety and depression and give your body an opportunity to deep-heal tissues. However, far too many people in today’s world have trouble falling asleep at night.