The Scoop on Honey: Can It Relieve Cold Symptoms?

When chilly, wet weather sweeps over autumn, coughs and sniffles start going around - and there’s nothing like a restorative cup of hot lemon tea and honey to warm you up. Honey has been used for therapeutic purposes in many cultures for thousands of years and is a common folk remedy for colds - but can honey actually cure a cold? 

8 Key Ingredients for an Immunity-Enhancing Smoothie

Now that fall is here and winter is fast approaching, it’s time to take a closer look at your immunity. Keeping your immune system in good shape moving into the colder months will help protect you from colds, flus and other viruses that threaten your health.

5 Easy Ways to Add Superfoods to Your Autumn Recipes

Some people love spring’s blossoms, but autumn is my cup of tea! Harvest season offers spiced beverages, cozy sweaters, and an abundance of nutrient-dense, late-year crops such as squash, apples, and cruciferous veggies. Does the phrase “autumn recipes” summon visions of a loaded Thanksgiving table? Let’s substitute those labor-intensive dishes for easy, steaming soups and crispy roasted vegetables! 

Vegetarians and Vegans Should Watch Out for This Health Problem

Today, many people are making the switch to diets like vegetarianism or veganism as a lifestyle choice, due to food sensitivities or for other health reasons. Despite the misconception that vegan and vegetarian diets do not allow you to fulfill your nutritional needs, there are a few health concerns people following these lifestyles should be mindful of. One of these concerns is already a common health problem for women but can be exacerbated by nutritional deficiencies over time: anemia.

6 Ideal Additions to Your Summer Smoothie

Smoothies are one of my favorite ways to prepare a refreshingly easy, nutrient-dense breakfast or snack. It’s magic: you simply add frozen fruit and your additions of choice to a blender, and a delicious, healthy quasi-milkshake is the result! A smoothie is a convenient way to add nutrients and vitamins to your daily dietary intake. However, there are a few common smoothie additions you will want to steer clear of - as well as a few intriguing options you might not have thought of! 

The Top 9 Nutrient-Packed Foods To Eat This Summer

Summer is almost here in the northern hemisphere! As the days get longer and hotter, it’s a great idea to review your shopping list and reach for healthy, nutrient-dense foods that can also provide a source of hydration. Warm weather, sunshine, and increased activity means that the body is losing more water as perspiration in order to keep us cool, so consuming hydrating, healthy foods can help you stay hydrated. 

7 Quick Tips for Bolstering Your Immune System

It couldn’t be farther from cold and flu season - summer is right around the corner! However, with the prospects of summer colds, seasonal hay fever and allergies, and a global pandemic in place, there’s never a “wrong” time to be aware of how you can best support your immune system

How to Successfully Navigate Nutrition as a Recent Vegetarian

No matter what your reason is for choosing to move to a vegetarian diet—health concerns, moral choices, religious beliefs or something else—one of the most important aspects of making the switch is ensuring you’re still maintaining proper nutrition.

The Link Between Gut Health and Weight

Recent research has demonstrated that the microbiome in your gut—made up of bacteria and yeasts—has a surprising amount of influence on your health. Your immunity, your digestion and even your mood can be altered by imbalances in gut bacteria.