Why “I Need a Massage” is a Truer Statement Than You Realize

Long hours at work and stressful daily tasks take their toll. Eventually, we all reach a point where we throw up our hands and exclaim, “I need a massage!”

Why Wellness is Essential for Women with Long-Term Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic injury is a leading cause of disability on a global scale, and 96% of people who do survive a traumatic event may suffer debilitating long-term consequences. If you're a woman and you've been through an injury such as a fracture or fall that caused long-term trauma, it is important to know that you may be affected in a different way from men.

Straightening Up: Simple Fixes For Three Common Posture Problems

Poor posture is a common problem these days, and over time, it can lead to back problems and neck pain, according to physical therapists at Harvard University. Many of us spend much of the day sitting down hunched over desks, and this is one of the things that exacerbates the problem. 

Treat Cold Sores This Winter Without a Prescription

For thousands of people around the world, the change of the seasons brings with it a cold sore outbreak. These painful blisters on the lips and cheeks are quite common, but they can still be unsightly and embarrassing. When a cold sore appears, one of your biggest priorities is likely to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Curb Inflammation with These Foods and Drinks

Inflammation is a natural bodily process that aids in the healing of wounds or injuries. We need inflammation to occur when we get hurt so our tissues can heal and our white blood cells fight off infection. Unfortunately, inflammation can also have a dark side, despite how beneficial it can be.

Hot and Cold: Which Temperature Therapy is Appropriate for Your Injury?

At some point in your life, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll experience some sort of injury, whether it’s a sprained ankle, a pulled muscle in your back or something else. One of the most commonly recommended home remedies to ease injured body parts is the application of ice…but also heat.

7 Ways to Naturally Soothe Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps, one painful side effect of nature’s
“monthly gift” to women, can range from non-existent to mild to absolutely
debilitating for some. Cramps are a perfectly normal part of menstruation, but
they can make managing day-to-day activities difficult, especially if you are
someone who experiences cramps on the more extreme side.

4 Ways to Ease Neck and Back Pain

As we get older, it’s impossible to avoid some inevitable pain issues within the body. Most often, these pains will come from the back and neck areas. Even the slightest thing like sleeping in the wrong position or turning your neck too quickly can easily flare up your spine and bother you for days, or even months.

Gout Can be a Huge Pain in the... Toe?

When we tend to think of serious ailments, equally serious symptoms come to mind. Pneumonia, for example, is a severe respiratory condition that occurs when the lungs fill with fluid. We take these conditions very seriously because their implications are just as serious.