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All Natural Ways To Deal With Financial Stress

In a recent study, 72% of Americans said that they felt some form of financial stress. There are so many reasons for this, from dealing with creditors or mortgage brokers, to worrying about pensions

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Early Bird vs. Night Owl: Does Your Schedule Affect Your Health and Wellbeing?

Some of us are early birds—we wake up bright and early and like to get a jump-start on our day, but retire to bed much earlier than midnight. Others are night owls—staying up long after the sun has

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What's the Difference Between Men's and Women's Daily Supplements?

Anyone who’s been to the drug store or supermarket recently knows what they can find in the medicine isle: rows upon rows of multivitamin and individual supplement bottles. The multitude of these

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Here’s Why Protein May Be The Underappreciated Nutrient In Your Diet

Recently, we have seen the percentage of protein in Canadian diets increase by 10% for children and teenagers, and half a percent for adults. However, is the uptick in protein consumption something

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Biotin: The All-Natural Secret Ingredient for Combating Hair Loss

Sometimes referred to by the nickname “Vitamin H” thanks to its benefits for skin and hair, the naturally-occurring vitamin B7, or biotin, has taken the beauty world by storm. Biotin is a

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