Do You Know Your and Your Partner's Love Language?

There may come a time where you can’t seem to get through to your partner. You pour your heart out to them, but your words fall short. It’s almost like you’re speaking a different language! When it comes to love, there are different languages, and one expression of love might not resonate with the other person.

Check In with Yourself for Sexual Health Month

Interest in sex comes naturally to many women. But for others, practicing intimacy with their partners requires a conscious effort. Every woman should take stock of how they feel about sex, regardless of whether they’re sexually active or what changes are happening in their lives.

Honey, I’m Too Tired: How Energy Levels Affect Sex

If you’re like most couples, your relationship started off hot and heavy. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, you or your partner’s libido might have begun to decline. It’s easy to point fingers at one another and assign blame. But before it gets to that point, consider the myriad of physical and mental factors that contribute to a low sex drive. For many, they’re simply too tired.

Recognize When and How to Reignite Your Bedroom Spark

It’s no secret that many relationships start hot and heavy then cool off as the years wear on. The honeymoon phase sends sparks flying as couples explore each other in the bedroom. But over time, many couples fall into the trap of getting comfortable with their relationship. Those sparks fizzle out, and some might not even bother to give a peck on the cheek.

Natural Aphrodisiacs Explained: Do They Really Work?

If you’re experiencing a low libido, you might be tempted to pick up some widely touted “natural aphrodisiacs” like chocolate. Unfortunately, these common remedies are the subject of a highly contested question: Do they actually work? The answer isn’t so cut and dry.

5 Vitamins and Minerals to Give Your Sex Drive a Boost

Low libido is a common challenge among women. Unfortunately, this persistent problem can spring from a wide range of causes. When your sex drive is dragging, one of the first things you should examine is your lifestyle, and that includes your nutrition.

How Thyroid Problems Could Be Behind Your Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Every day, thousands of women suffer from the uncertainty and aggravation of an irregular period. From the moment we have our first menstrual cycle until menopause arrives, we’re taught that a regular cycle is a critical indicator of our overall physical health. If your period comes at irregular intervals, it’s usually a sign that something is wrong.

8 Habits to Naturally Boost Your Lagging Libido

Over the course of your lifetime, it’s normal to experience a rise and fall in your libido. This might happen for a number of reasons. Natural events like illness, pregnancy and menopause can impact your sexual desire. Emotional changes can, too. Beginning a relationship, making a major change in your life, experiencing excessive amounts of stress—all of these things could have a dramatic impact on your ability to get in the mood.

How Meditation Contributes to Your Sex Drive

You’ve heard of meditation for sleep, for stress relief, for focus and for immunity, but did you know that meditation could be instrumental in boosting your sex drive? A growing body of evidence suggests that just a few minutes of daily meditation can improve your libido and enhance your overall sexual wellness for a better, more enjoyable sex life.