Understanding the Symptoms of Low Testosterone and How to Treat Them Naturally

Hormones are some of the major regulators of our bodies. They contribute to the production of muscles, bones and fatty tissues, they play a large role in sexual function and they can influence our ability to process emotions. When these hormones are not produced at adequate levels, they can create symptoms that are difficult to manage.

It Might be Time to Re-Think Your Daily Ponytail

For any girl or guy with long hair, ponytails are a staple in the realm of haircare. Throwing your hair up and securing it with an elastic helps mask grease, keeps hair off your face and neck and is particularly helpful in the summertime or while at the gym. Unfortunately, loving the ponytail too much can lead to some nasty consequences for your hair.

What are Split Ends and Why are They Such a Big Deal?

Whether you visit a hair stylist regularly or take care of your hair at home, you’ve probably heard about the dangers of split ends. Split ends are nuisances at best and the cause of major hair damage at worst. But what exactly does it mean to have a “split end”? And how do you get rid of them?

What Should You Avoid When Shopping For Cosmetic Products?

The last 10 years has seen the market value of natural cosmetic products rise by 114% due to a growing acceptance of non-synthetic alternatives. Although the natural products might be a little bit more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, they present consumers with a reduced risk of negative health conditions. Unfortunately, some of the synthetic cosmetic product companies use deceptive marketing strategies to win over the hearts of the health-conscious consumer, similar to the misleading practices adopted by some food companies. Some of these include labeling products as ‘natural,’ ‘fragrance-free’ and even ‘for sensitive skin’ to entice customers to buy the products, even though these claims might not be approved by the various regulatory bodies.

How Much Water Should You be Drinking Daily and Why?

Your body is made of about 60 percent water. That good old H2O allows your body to perform all of its necessary functions, keeps your organs healthy, your skin clear and prevents waste from building up inside you.

Oak, Ivy, Sumac and More: Beware Nature's Natural Skin Irritants this Spring!

As the weather grows warmer, more people are eager to head outside to garden, camp, hike and get active in their local parks and forests. Whether you are tending your personal garden or hitting the trails this spring, be mindful of what plants you tread near, as some can result in painful, itching rashes across your skin.

8 Daily Rituals That Could Be Prematurely Thinning Your Hair

Most people assume hair loss is a condition that only affects older men. While this is somewhat valid—hair growth does tend to slow down with age and affect men more visibly—women can still lose hair starting as early as ages 20-35. Thinning hair is actually a relatively common occurrence in many younger women!

Debunking 3 Widely-Believed Hair Loss Myths

Hair loss effects millions of people, many of whom have no idea why their hair is falling out. The combination of mystery and panic has brought forth myriad myths about the causes of hair loss. It’s hard to blame people for being worried about their hair and wanting to do whatever they can to protect it. Some myths actually seem quite logical at first. But science consistently reminds us not to believe anything without proof, and it turns out that even a few of the most widespread theories about hair loss are completely false. Studies often point out that male and female hair loss can be caused by different things, though certain rules do apply to almost everyone.

A Chemical In McDonald's French Fries Can Apparently Regrow Hair

Japanese scientists say they were able to regrow hair on mice by using a chemical found in McDonald’s french fries.