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The Potential Effects of Long-Term Sleep Deprivation

We’ve all had a night or two of poor sleep. Whether you were up all night finishing a paper or assignment for school or work, out partying with friends or just couldn’t sleep because of insomnia,

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Early Bird vs. Night Owl: Does Your Schedule Affect Your Health and Wellbeing?

Some of us are early birds—we wake up bright and early and like to get a jump-start on our day, but retire to bed much earlier than midnight. Others are night owls—staying up long after the sun has

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Lack of Restful Sleep is Taking a Toll on Your Mental Health; It's Time to Get Some Real Rest!

When’s the last time you got a really great night of rest? For many women, it’s been a while. Too long, actually! There always seems to be something that interrupts the sleep cycle and leaves you

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