Overcoming Seasonal Allergy Brain Fog

When the temperatures start to rise, allergy sufferers know what comes next. All those pretty flowers in bloom are a bad omen for people with seasonal allergies. Spring marks the beginning of sneezes, itchy eyes and stuffy noses. But the season also welcomes another odd symptom: brain fog.

This fuzzy-headed feeling is a mystery to allergy sufferers. Whatever it is, they can’t seem to shake it. Thankfully, to researchers, brain fog isn’t a mystery anymore! Learn the science behind brain fog and what you can do to achieve a clear mind.

This is Why a Powerful Immune System Is So Important During Spring

Spring is the season when everything starts to bloom. But it’s also the season when ailments start to crop up—namely allergies, cold sores and respiratory infections. The most beautiful time of year can also be the most aggravating for those with weakened immune systems.

6 Wellness Benefits of Spring Cleaning

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and fresh air is abundant. For many households, now is the time for spring cleaning. While spring cleaning may seem like just another chore, it can actually have many benefits for your health that you might not have thought about!

Goodbye, Winter Frizz, Hello Sun! Prepping Your Hair for Spring and Summer

Winter can really do a number on your ‘do. Between friction from fuzzy winter hats, cold, dry air and freezing temperatures, your hair might be entering spring feeling dry, brittle and frizzy.

A Springtime Guide for Proper Skincare

Spring is here, and that means warmer temperatures and longer, sunny days. It also means that heavy coats, gloves and scarves are out, and shorts, T-shirts and sandals are in.

Why You Always Get Sick When Spring Starts

The beginning of Spring should logistically be a time to celebrate. Temperatures are rising and the relentless snowfall of the past few months has finally ceased. But then you find yourself coming down with a cold, which doesn’t make sense because warm air is supposed to be healthier than cold air, right? Not at this particular time of year.