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7 Tips to Try When You're Feeling Anxious

Anxiety is a natural feeling that most people experience at least once or twice over the course of their lives. It usually appears in response to challenges we face in life or something worrisome

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Stress Could be Connected to More Cases of Shingles in Young Adults

It’s a common saying that once you get chickenpox, you’ll never have the illness again. This statement is only partially true, though. While you may never experience that whole-body, itching, burning

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Your Lifestyle May be Making Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Worse

Everyone knows how it feels to be completely worn down. After getting sick, dealing with a stressful and busy holiday season or having a few nights of terrible sleep, our bodies might be in pain and

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All Natural Ways To Deal With Financial Stress

In a recent study, 72% of Americans said that they felt some form of financial stress. There are so many reasons for this, from dealing with creditors or mortgage brokers, to worrying about pensions

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Improve Your Sleep And Reduce Anxiety

Every year, anxiety disorders affect 18% of the population. Studies have shown that if you don’t get sufficient sleep, you are more likely to have problems with stress and anxiety.  The good news is

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Lack of Restful Sleep is Taking a Toll on Your Mental Health; It's Time to Get Some Real Rest!

When’s the last time you got a really great night of rest? For many women, it’s been a while. Too long, actually! There always seems to be something that interrupts the sleep cycle and leaves you

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3 Essential Ingredients for Optimal Daily Performance

Success is within reach if you can perform to the best of your ability every chance you get. This is why people are constantly seeking the advice of those who must frequently perform at a high level,

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Your Anxiety Can Likely Be Attributed To One Of These Two Things

For most people, the stress and anxiety they experience every day comes down to one element of the human condition: fear of the future. We don’t know how the next few days, weeks, or months will turn

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