This Herbal Ingredient Might Actually Provide Thyroid Support

Ashwagandha has garnered much attention in the world of health and beauty. You’ve probably noticed an uptick in the number of people who sing its praises and the number of products boasting it as a key ingredient. This is because ashwagandha is making huge breakthroughs, especially as it pertains to thyroid health.

6 Benefits of Lysine Supplements

Many common ailments can be traced back to a lysine deficiency. Believe it or not, adding more of this one nutrient to your diet can make a world of difference. If your health has seen better days, lysine might just be the solution you’re looking for.

What Are Adaptogens? Meet 5 of the Most Powerful Ones

Adaptogens have recently made a name for themselves in the world of holistic health. However, what many people don’t know is that adaptogens are not new—medical practitioners have touted their wellness benefits and recommended them as part of a healthy diet for hundreds of years.

5 Nutrients You May Not Be Getting Enough Of

If you’re reading this, it’s a good time to stop and ask yourself, “Am I getting enough nutrients out of my diet?” Chances are, you may not know the answer. But you’re not alone—millions of people are deficient in several vitamins or minerals and don’t realize it!

Natural Aphrodisiacs Explained: Do They Really Work?

If you’re experiencing a low libido, you might be tempted to pick up some widely touted “natural aphrodisiacs” like chocolate. Unfortunately, these common remedies are the subject of a highly contested question: Do they actually work? The answer isn’t so cut and dry.

Could Lion's Mane Be the Brain Booster You're Looking For?

Lion’s mane isn’t what it sounds like. This superfood is a medicinal mushroom that, as you might’ve guessed, looks a lot like a lion’s mane. For centuries, the consumption of lion’s mane mushrooms has been valued due to their role in promoting great brain health. 

What is Bioavailability in Supplements and Why Does it Matter?

Many people who take supplements assume that all the nutrients in them are absorbed directly into their system. But the truth is, just because supplements are good for you doesn’t mean they’re always working as intended. This is where bioavailability comes into play.

Collagen vs. Protein Powder: What’s the Difference?

Supplements may all appear the same, but the nutrients contained within tell a different story. Some health fanatics interchange collagen and protein powder simply because they have a few amino acids in common and are used for somewhat similar things.

Get to Know the 8 Crucial B Vitamins and What They Do

Every day, your body relies on the nutrients you consume to facilitate proper cell function and fuel its various systems and unique tasks. B vitamins serve as the foundation for good health, but do you know what, exactly, they do?