5 Bladder Issues All Women Should Know About

Have you found yourself urinating more than usual or experiencing a strange pain in your pelvis? These annoying or painful problems can both be signs of a bladder issue—an unfortunate reality for many women.

Introducing Bladder Control Plus™ with Urox®: A Powerful Herbal Blend for Confidence and Control

The newest addition to our Life Transitions™ lineup, Bladder Control Plus™ with Urox® offers a patented blend of herbs clinically proven to help you regain control! With the addition of cornsilk, this formula offers soothing action on irritated urinary tract tissues and helps relax an overactive bladder.

How You Can Manage The Reality of Bladder Incontinence

Many women will experience loss of bladder control (incontinence) over the course of their lifetime, and are twice as likely as men to experience it! Outside of its physical effects, bladder leakage can also induce frustration and embarrassment in sufferers. It can benefit women of all ages to learn about incontinence issues and how to help manage them - not to mention, also disempowering any stigma around this common condition through preparation and open communication.

Chronic UTIs Need Special Attention and a Proactive Approach to Prevention

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are one of the most common bacterial infections plaguing individuals throughout their lives. They can cause mild discomfort to severe pain and side effects for days at a time.