How to Start the Day Off Right with Your Own Morning Routine

Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is an essential part of waking up feeling rested and refreshed each morning. But equal weight should be given to how you choose to start your morning and the routines you have in place to begin a productive, pleasant day.

How to Stay Safe from Winter Cold Sore Outbreaks This Season

The winter season offers both joys and challenges; in 2020, there’s an awful lot more to navigate when it comes to protecting your health during the chilly, darker days. Not only are you combating cold weather, shorter daylight hours, and an increased likelihood of a cold sore outbreak, but this year you’re navigating all the lifestyle complications of the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be a lot - but there are some ways to work towards keeping your face and body nourished and prevent those pesky cold sores from cropping up! 

Leaky Gut Syndrome Isn't Pleasant, Nor Are its Effects

The colon and its expansive microbiome of bacteria and yeast is complex, and experts are still learning about its effects on overall health and wellness. Research has indicated that probiotics—beneficial bacteria in the gut—are important for many aspects of health, including immunity, weight regulation and even your mood. But there are even more aspects of gut health that are being explored and don’t have definitive answers yet. One of these is leaky gut syndrome.

3 Nighttime Rituals to Help You Snooze Without a Sleep Aid

Sleep is essential to all parts of your health and wellbeing, from your immunity and strength to your mental health and memory. Unfortunately, sleep troubles are all too common these days.

How to Protect Against the Approaching Winter’s Effects on Your Hair

While winter might be a beloved season thanks to its snow and festive holidays, it’s one of the most dangerous times of year for your hair. The weather changes common in winter can harm even the healthiest locks in many ways, leading to a frizzy, damaged mess before spring.

Experiencing Brain Fog: Is It Stress or Perimenopause?

Many people are familiar with that bleary “Monday-at-2 PM” feeling; you’re sluggish, your thoughts are at half-speed, your to-do list looms, and you’ve just realized you forgot to answer an important email last week. It’s tough to stay organized when you just don’t feel with it. Brain fog can be all this and more: mental fuzziness, forgetfulness, exhaustion, and lack of motivation. But where does brain fog come from - and can it be a sign of something more than just a ‘case of the Mondays’? 

Is It Adrenal Fatigue That’s Got You Down?

You’re waking up feeling exhausted every day. Your body feels sore all the time. Your cravings for sweets or salty snacks are through the roof. Your mood is all over the place. And, now that you think about it, you’ve been suffering from a lot of stress lately. Sound familiar?

8 Habits to Naturally Boost Your Lagging Libido

Over the course of your lifetime, it’s normal to experience a rise and fall in your libido. This might happen for a number of reasons. Natural events like illness, pregnancy and menopause can impact your sexual desire. Emotional changes can, too. Beginning a relationship, making a major change in your life, experiencing excessive amounts of stress—all of these things could have a dramatic impact on your ability to get in the mood.

Why Stress & Your Autoimmune Disorder Don’t Mix

These days, just about everyone is under some level of stress. It’s become a real problem for more and more people, and it’s harder than ever to escape the effects of stress! Stress can manifest itself in everything, from a poor night’s sleep to an irritable, cranky mood. For most people, their stress level fluctuates, and so do the effects. For others, however, the effects of stress are far more crippling.